AQS1 Compact Urban Air Quality Monitor

A Robust And Compact Air Quality Monitor Designed For Continuous Outdoor Monitoring Of PM / Ozone / NO2 / VOC 

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The AQS is a tool for air quality professionals to target specific applications of interest in the urban environment. It is a flexible air quality monitoring system that can be configured for a range of uses.The monitor performs to Near Reference levels yet costs much less than comparable analysers. The unit is also lightweight and can be installed and moved with ease.
What does AQS measure?
The Aeroqual AQS can measure particulate matter (PM) and up to two gases at the same time. You can choose from the following parameters.
  • Particulate matter (TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1)
  • Gases: Ozone, Nitrogen dioxide, VOCs
  • Meteorological (temp, humidity, rain, pressure, wind speed / direction, solar radiation)
  • Noise
At any time the Aeroqual AQS can be upgraded to measure additional parameters by adding new modules. New modules can be added in the field; there is no need to return the unit to the factory.

How is AQS different?
Collectively the key features of the AQS enable it to deliver near reference data quality over extended periods of time – several years with appropriate maintenance. In head to head tests with traditional EPA-approved analysers, the Aeroqual AQS has shown r2 correlations as high as 0.98. The AQS produces better data for longer periods because Aeroqual’s ABC methodology eliminates diurnal and seasonal temperature and humidity effects which affect other sensor-based instruments. The computational method is patented and proprietary to Aeroqual.
For more information about the Aeroqual AQS1 Compact Air Quality Monitor, contact your local Air-Met office. 


Aeroqual AQS1 Key Features

  • Pumped sampling
  • Inlet filters
  • Heated PM inlet
  • Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC)
  • Part-per-billion gas detection
  • Traceable calibration
  • Rugged protective enclosure
  • Wireless data connectivity
  • Quick set up and relocation in under 10 minutes
  • Optional plug and play environmental sensors
Aeroqual AQS Air Quality Monitor System Specifications
Control System Embedded fanless PC, Intel Atom N2600, 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, Ubuntu Linux Operating System
Standard: WIFI, Ethernet (LAN)
Optional: Cellular IP HSPA 4G modem
Connect: Runs on embedded PC, access via browser ( IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
Cloud: Runs on secure ‘cloud’ servers, accessed via web browser
Connect / Cloud Features: configuration, diagnostics, journal, calibration and data acquisition, plus SMS and email alerts (optional), auto data export via FTP and email (optional), and data export API (optional)
Data Logging 32GB Hard Drive (>5 years data storage)
Averaging Period 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr, 12 hr, 24 hr
Power Requirements
100-260VAC (standard): 21W / 30W *
Regulated 12VDC (if required): 21W / 30W *
Enclosure Lockable IP65 GRP cabinet with integrated aluminium solar shield armour
PM Sampling System
Inlet: 36cm heated inlet
Pump: 12V brushless DC diaphragm
Gas Sampling System
Inlet: Teflon, glass-coated stainless steel
Pump: 12V brushless DC diaphragm
Dimensions 483H x 330W x 187D mm (including solar shield armour & mounting brackets)
Weight <12.5kg*
Environmental Operating Range 10°C to +45°C
Mounting Pole, tripod and wall mounting brackets included
Factory Integrated & Tested Sensors (Optional) Gill WindSonic (ultrasonic wind sensor), Vaisala WXT520 (weather transmitter), Met One MSO (weather transmitter), Cirrus MK427 Class 1 (noise sensor), Novalynx Pyranometer (solar radiation)

* Refer to Data Sheet

Aeroqual AQS Air Quality Monitor Applications Include:

  • Construction dust and emissions
  • Roadside traffic emissions
  • Rail corridor and terminal emissions
  • Mapping smog formation and distribution
  • Validation of air quality models
  • Community exposure studies
  • Remediation site emissions
  • Port and shipping emissions