Full Disclosure Instant Wipe Surface/Skin Lead Test Kit

For Instant Detection of Lead on Skin and Surfaces. 
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SKC Full Disclosure Kits contain everything you need to detect the presence of lead in the field on skin and surfaces.
A kit is available that contains additional items that allow for quantitative analysis. 
All kits include 11 pairs of nitrile gloves, 10 pre-packaged wipes, Disclosing SR Powder, Extraction Solution, Deionized water for preparing Developing Solution, Complete instructions 10 sheets waxed paper. See the attached data sheet for all specifications and details
  • Unlike existing lead detection systems, Full Disclosure can be used on human skin, including the face, and on surfaces without damage because the test reagents never touch the test surface
  • Immediate colour change alerts exposed individuals to perform more thorough hand or surface washing
  • Intensity of colour bloom can be used to indicate relative lead levels
  • Positive wipes can be sent to a laboratory for quantitative analysis if desired
  • Full Disclosure was developed and patented by the CDC-NIOSH (U.S. Patent No. 6,248,593)
  • Can be used on face and neck making it highly suitable for use at shooting ranges
All kits include:
  • 11 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 10 pre-packaged wipes
  • Disclosing SR Powder #1
  • Extraction Solution #2
  • Deionized water for preparing Developing Solution #3
  • 10 sheets waxed paper 
  • Complete instructions
  • Determine the effectiveness of hand washing to remove lead residues
  • Educate workers in industries where lead is an occupational hazard
  • Spot-check lead-contaminated work surfaces
  • Evaluate the presence of lead and the effectiveness of its removal