Swing Sampler

Designed for Collecting Liquid Samples from Various Angles. 

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Nasco Swing Sampler (B01310WA and B01366WA) The NASCO Swing Sampler is designed for collecting liquid samples from a horizontal flowing stream such as a sewer. It allows collection from various angles, including 90 degrees. Different sizes of bottles/containers may be attached to the bottle holder, allowing for a variety of applications.
A 960ml bottle is provided with the Swing Sampler and NASCO also offers a 500 ml bottle and corresponding snapper ring. The pole can be extended up to 12 feet (B01310WA) or 24 feet (B01366WA), providing flexibility for sampling in a variety of situations.
  • Allows for collection from different angles 
  • Fibreglass pole has variable extension lengths
  • Unit comes with a 500ml polyethylene bottle with leak proof protection
  • Designed for collecting liquid samples
  • Collection of liquid samples in groundwater monitoring applications
  • Water quality sampling