Haloguard I Refrigerant Leak Detection Monitoring System

Low Cost 24-hour Leak Notification for Refrigeration Systems.

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Haloguard Low Cost 24-hour Leak Notification for Refrigeration Systems Refrigerant Leak Detection and Monitoring Systems
HALOGUARD ® is the cost effective, reliable way to reduce costly refrigerant leakage. With a HALOGUARD ® leak monitor installed, you quickly know where the leak is located and how much refrigerant you are losing. This exclusive early warning system detects leaks in a designated area and flashes a bright red LED when parts-per million (PPM) reaches the alarm level you preset. With a dialler or other remote signal hookup, maintenance personnel will know immediately when and where a leak occurs. Repairs can be made quickly, before you lose costly refrigerant or perishable products. An optional analogue output is available to interface with EMS/BMS systems.
  • Simple installation, easy field calibration
  • Remote sensor with 6 ft. instrument cable and DIN plug, extendable to 300 ft.
  • Audible alarm
  • LCD shows PPM Concentration, Alarm, Test, Reset Sensor Fault and Low Battery
  • 2 user alarms adjustable between 10 -100% of scale
  • Off-scale alarm
  • Three flashing alarm LEDs
  • Sensor Fault LED
  • Power On/Off LED
  • Four alarm relays for ventilation, dialler or remote notification
  • Alarm Test and Reset push buttons
  • Rugged NEMA 4/12 plastic enclosure
  • Dependable, solid-state electronics
Electric Supply 115-230v, 50-60 Hz
Output Signal

Std: 4x3A, dry contact
Opt: 0-10VDC or 4-20mA analogue

Accuracy 10% Full-scale
Response Time < 1 minute
Recovery Time < 3 minutes
Sensor Life +5 years   0-300 ppm R123
Measuring Range
0-1000 ppm CFC, HFC, HCFC (except R123), 0-300 ppm R123
Operating Temperature
Sensor -20°F to +110°F non-condensing
Controller 0°F to +120°F non-condensing
Enclosure NEMA 4/12 design 0°F to +120°F non-condensing
Sensor PVC and porous PP filter 
Weight 6 lbs. (add 4 lbs. for optional battery backup)


  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Machinery Rooms
  • Cold Storage Areas
  • Process Cooling