New Filtered LEL Sensor for Ventis® Pro and Radius® BZ1

A new catalytic bead combustible (LEL) sensor has been released by Industrial Scientific. The new sensors have been designed to work with the Ventis® Pro 4 Multi Gas Monitor, Ventis® Pro 5 Multi Gas Monitor and Radius® BZ1 Area Gas Monitor instruments. These new sensors filter out hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which can desensitise and therefore shorten the life of the sensor. 

Hydrogen sulfide can poison and permanently damage catalytic bead combustible sensors by attaching itself to a portion of, or the entire, sensing bead. Once attached, the hydrogen sulfide damages the sensitivity of the sensor, therefore shortening the life of the sensor. Traditional H2S filters used on catalytic bead sensors and heavy hydrocarbon vapours, such as diesel fuel or kerosene, are undetectable. The new LEL sensors are now capable of filtering out the H2S without: inhabiting hydrocarbon detection, changing sensor response times, or changing correlation factors to other combustible gases.

All replacement sensors and new Ventis® Pro 4 Multi Gas Monitor, Ventis® Pro 5 Multi Gas Monitor and Radius BZ1 Area Gas Monitor units, with the exception of MSHA approved Ventis Pro units will now ship with the new filtered LEL sensor. The CH4 (0-5% vol) sensor, P/N 17155304-M, that is used in MSHA approved Ventis Pro units will receive the H2S filter later this year. New sensors can be identified from the “H2S filter” description on the label.


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