NATA Accredited for Calibration & Testing of Air Sampling Pumps & Flow Meters

Air-Met is pleased to announce that the Melbourne Service Centre has been recently accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for the calibration and testing of air sampling pumps and flow meters.

What does this mean for you?
Air-Met is now able to provide a NATA endorsed calibration certificate for flow-meters (Defenders, DryCals, rotameters) typically used for the calibration of air sampling pumps.

We are also able to provide a NATA endorsed calibration certificate that states an air sampling pump's performance against the back-pressure flow requirements of NATA's Chemical Testing ISO/IEC 17025 Application Document; Annex K: Workplace Pump Calibration Checks. 
Additionally, we are able to issue a NATA endorsed certificate of compliance to a pump's performance against all other tests, detailed in Annex K, at flow-rates and sample times specified by the customer. 
With this capability customers are now able to have pre-tested air sampling pumps purchased from, or existing pumps serviced and tested by, Air-Met Scientific and put into immediate field use; without the need to carry out their own time-consuming calibration checks. 
The supplied certificates will provide full traceability back to national standards and meet NATA accreditation requirements for tests carried out within the parameters on the relevant pump certificate(s).
Air-Met's Scope of Accreditation
Click here for details of Air-Met's scope of accreditation. 
Who to Contact for More Information?
For more information about Air-Met’s NATA accreditations, please contact Gray Theobald on 03 8878 3318 or click here to email Gray

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