3G FUSION Smart Sound and Vibration Analyser

An Innovative Solution for Noise and Vibration Measurements Delivered as Standard with its 3G Modem

3G FUSION, is a sound level meter and analyser from 01dB is that is delivered as standard with its 3G modem. With its compact, robust and practical design, 3G FUSION is ideal for use in the field. 3G FUSION offers an innovative solution for noise and vibration measurement, with high-performance features designed to facilitate analysis. It offers excellent connectivity, enabling you to manage your measurement sessions and optimize your operations remotely.
The 3G FUSION features a GRAS 40CE microphone and built-in preamplifier that delivers accuracy above what other instruments offer in the market. Now that the FUSION is delivered as standard with a 3G modem it provides greater communication capacity than ever before with the ability to control measurement settings, store organised information, download acoustic metrological and vibration data as well as numerous additional features.
With an IEC 61672 class 1 certification, 3G FUSION guarantees flawless metrological quality in every situation. This multi-purpose solution offers performance and simplicity in a single unit. Connected to a smart wireless sensor, 3G FUSION records three-axis vibrational signals at the same time as acoustic indicators and audio signals.
3G FUSION is part of a unique "ecosystem" focused on improving your productivity. You will appreciate its simplicity of use and the power of its data processing software. With 01dB customer services, you will gain access to a comprehensive range of associated services: hotline, training, calibration laboratory, repair center, equipment rental, etc.
3G FUSION is technology at the service of productivity.

For more information on the 3G FUSION Smart Sound and Vibration Analyser, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Connectivity:
    • Built in Wi-Fi, 3G modem and GPS antenna
  • Wireless 3-axis vibration signals measurement
  • Simultaneous recording of acoustic signals
  • Automatic calibrator detection
  • Multi-point synchronized encoding
  • 24-hour autonomy
  • Metrological audio recording
  • Text message notifications of acoustic events
  • Text message notifications in the event of operation problems
  • Real-time display of data
  • Real-time listening to the measured noise
IEC 61672 Class 1 Certified
Built-in preamplifier
Free-field microphone type G.R.A.S.40CE
Large dynamic range 118 dB
Self-check system (CIC)
Automatic calibrator detection
High-definition color display
Rubber side grips
Windscreen claw
All-in-one: Wi-Fi, 3G Modem, GPS…
Remote control by web interface
Parallel storage of all acoustic indicators
Advanced triggers
HTTP commands for integrators
Push Data Mode
Metrological and MP3 audio recording
Wireless vibration signal recording in 3 axis
24-hour capacity
Building Acoustics Module (option)
Multiple processing software packages (dBTRAIT, dBFA, dBBATI…)
Compatible with 01dB WebMonitoring services
Numerous accessories (all weather case DSC01, outdoor unit DMK01…)


  • Noise exposure
  • Industrial plant noise mapping
  • Urban noise
  • Construction site noise
  • Industrial noise
  • Transportation noise
  • Windmill noise
  • Recreational activities noise
  • Vibration of machines
  • Vibration of structures
  • Building acoustic
  • Environmental measurements
  • Building acoustics
  • Vibration measurements
  • Health and safety measurements