Monotox Fixed Gas Detectors on SALE

SALE | 20% OFF RRP of All Monotox® Fixed Gas Detectors

Available on all Monotox® Models Until 14 June 2019

The Air-Met Monotox® Series features affordable, low-maintenance and versatile fixed gas detection solutions, covering a wide range of gases and applications. They are easy to install and can be configured to integrate with your existing gas detection system, or treated as a standalone unit.

Suitable for labs, hospitals and medical facilities, universities, HVAC industry applications, car parks, and more.

See our selection guide below to choose the best model for your needs.

GasClam 2 Ground Gas Monitor

Monotox Selection Guide

Monotox TX/DUO Toxic Gas Detector

Measures one (TX) or two simultaneously (DUO) of the following gases:

O2, CO, SO2, H2S, NO2, NO

Other gases & ranges available upon request

Learn more

  • Light Industry
  • Cryogenic storage facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Universities
  • Gas Storage Systems
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
Monotox CP Car Park Gas Detector

Measures one or both of the following gases:


Learn more

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Car park gas detection
  • Light industry
  • Plant rooms
Monotox Infrared NDIR Gas Detector

Can be configured to measure:

CO2, SF6, R1234yf, R1234ze, R134a, R404a, R407f, R410a, R507a

Other gases & ranges available upon request

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  • HVAC Industry
  • Laboratories
  • Plant rooms
  • Electric power equipment
  • Manufacturing plants
Monotox Lab Optical O2 /CO2 Detector


0-25%vol O2, 0-5%vol CO2

Accurate in both positively and negatively pressurised rooms

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  • MRI rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Medical facilities
  • Gas handling and production facilities
  • Breweries

To find out more about our gas detection solutions, contact Air-Met Scientific on 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount unless stated. The promotional period commences from 14 May 2019 and concludes on 14 June 2019. Orders must be received by close of business on 14 June 2019. Any orders received after the promotional period are ineligible to receive the discount. All items in this flyer have been included in good faith on the basis that the goods as described are available at the time of print/mailout. Delivery and credit card charges may apply. Air-Met Scientific reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice. Product may differ from image. Images are for illustration purposes only. For more information, please contact Air-Met Scientific on 1800 000 744


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Air-Met Monotox Fixed Gas Detector Series on SALE