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Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4. It is the simplest alkane, and the principal component of natural gas. Burning methane in the presence of oxygen produces carbon dioxide and water.

The relative abundance of methane and its clean burning process makes it an attractive fuel. However, because it is a gas at normal temperature and pressure, methane is difficult to transport from its source. In its natural gas form, it is generally transported in bulk by pipeline or LNG carriers; few countries transport it by truck.

At room temperature and standard pressure, methane is a colorless and odorless gas; the smell characteristic of natural gas as used in homes is an artificial safety measure caused by the addition of an odorant, often methanethiol or ethanethiol.

Methane is mostly detected in %LEL or %VOL. There are two sorts of detectors on the market: Infrared or Catalytic. Infrared is less sensitive to sensor poisoning but more sensitive to moisture. Infrared is ideal for detection of the %VOL range.

A Catalytic sensor can be subject to sensor poisoning but is cheaper in purchase and can resist higher humidity. Use our product selector below or contact one of our sales representatives.

Gas Specification 

   > CAS nr. 74-82-8
   > Relative density: 0.55
   > Standard Range: 0 - 100 %LEL
   > Low Alarm Level: 5 %LEL
   > High Alarm Level: 10 %LEL 

MSDS Sheet

0 - 2.5% Methane / Air    (pdf)
0 - 14.3% Methane / N2    (pdf)
0 - 2.5% Methane, CO, H2, O2   (pdf)
0 - 2.5% Methane, CO, H2S, O2   (pdf)
0 - 2.5% Methane, H2S, O2 / N2   (pdf)

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