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Chlorine is a halogen, found in the periodic table in group 17.

In its elemental form (Cl2 or "Dichlorine") under standard conditions, chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is used in bleaching and disinfectants. Most chloride salts are soluble in water, thus, chloride-containing minerals are usually only found in abundance in dry climates or deep underground.

As a common disinfectant, chlorine compounds are used in swimming pools to keep them clean and sanitary. In the upper atmosphere, chlorine-containing molecules such as chlorofluorocarbons have been implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer.

When it comes to Chlorine detection, Airmet can offer you the best solution for your application. We have a wide range of portable and fixed instruments suitable for most applications.

Gas Specification 

   > CAS nr. 7782-50-5
   > Relative density: 2.45
   > Standard Range: 0 - 150 ppm
   > Low Alarm Level (TWA): 0.5 ppm
   > High Alarm Level (STEL): 1.0 ppm 

MSDS Sheet

0 - 20 ppm Chlorine / N2   (pdf)
5 - 200 ppm Chlorine / N2   (pdf)

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