QUESTemp 36 

The Premier Monitor Within the QuestTemp Series
RentalData logging

The datalogging QUESTemp 36 is the premier monitor within the QUESTemp Series of Thermal Environment Monitors.

The QUESTemp 36 further simplifies heat stress management efforts by providing users with realtime guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens. Guidance is based on screening criteria for heat stress as defined in the ACGIH TLV Handbook,U.S. Navy PHEL Charts and EPRI Action Limits. The QUESTemp 36 eliminates the need to carry paper charts, pocket guides and look-up tables into the field. An optional detachable probe for measuring air velocity extends the applications for the QUESTemp 36 beyond traditional heat stress measurements. The QUESTemp 36 can be used as an indoor thermal comfort monitor using the air velocity probe, temperature and RH sensor readings simultaneously.

Other applications include verification of air flow in fume hoods or rooms normally requiring a minimum amount of air flow to be safe for occupancy.


   > Data logging included
   > Multi Parameter Sensor Capabilities
   > Integral RH Sensor
   > Meteorological Conditions with Heat Index
   > Meets ISO Requirements
Manuals and reference information
Heatstress FAQ    (pdf)
Brochure    (pdf)
Basic Guide to Heat Stress    (pdf)
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