DSL-2000 Continuous Particle Monitor  

An Advanced Particulate Monitor that Measures the Mass Concentration of Particles
Data logging
DSL 2000

Designed to continuously monitor particulate concentrations in mg/m3 in a moving gas or air stream, the DSL-2000s primary application is as an environmental protection instrument.

Used to monitor and report the volume of particulates carried in exhaust gasses from stacks, chimneys, flues, or vents on industrial boilers, furnaces, generators, incinerators, bag houses, and filtration units, a particulate monitor can be used not only to ensure conformity to environmental legislation, but also to monitor efficiency and provide diagnostic information for the process as a whole.

The DSL-2000 uses the optical scintillation technique, widely regarded as the most accurate and reliable technique available. The transmitter throws a modulated (2KHz) beam of LED light across the stack to a receiver. The receiver monitors only the modulated light, ensuring immunity to ambient light, and measures not the reduction in absolute light (as in an opacity monitor) but the scale of the interference introduced to the light signal by the passing particulate. The amplitude of this interference can be directly related to the level of particulate carried in the passing air stream.


   > Rugged, Reliable Easy to Install
   > Efficient Air Purge System
   > Software Enable Easy Set Up
   > Analogue Output
   > RS 485 Output
Manuals and reference information
Brochure    (pdf)
Manual    (pdf)
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