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Airmet Scientific is specialised in Sales, Service, and Support of Environmental Monitoring systems such as Gas Detectors, Air sampling, Dust and Radiation Monitoring Equipment.

Airmet Scientific can offer a wide range of support, training and turn key solutions for all your environmental detection and monitoring solutions.



Airmet products are sourced from leading worldwide manufacturers of quality Instrumentation, Environmental and Medical monitoring products.


In addition to the experience and resources of these organisations, In-house technical and engineering expertise enables us to respond to specific requirements and the unique needs of the Australian market.


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Typical Air Met Applications


Typical applications for Air Met products are monitoring of confined spaces for oxygen deficiency, measuring exposure levels of solvent vapours, sampling of asbestos and hazardous dusts, measurement of sound pressure levels and noise dose and measurement of heat stress indices.


Airmet also supports a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment, such as indoor air quality, monitoring carbon monoxide in car parks and monitoring and measuring non-ionising radiation.

   Proudly Distrubitors of:


   > Industrial Scientific
   > Quest Sound Monitoring
   > SKC Pumps
   > Lumex
   > Bionics Instrument
   > Narda Non Ionising Radiation
   > TSI
   > Komyo
   > Bedfont
   > And more


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